Saturday, December 8, 2007


The human tragedy that was brought about by Hurricane Katrina and Rita was on such a scale that it overwhelmed the disaster system that is in place at the time. What this has meant is that families have been displaced in an unprecedented numbers thathas never happened in any other disaster before. Families haveneed unprecedented disaster housing needs. These needs should be met with a compassionate response. The short term and long term housing needs were many. The response by our governmentwas rampant with partisan politics and racially motivated. We must hold those in authority accountable, and demonstrate with the truth that are misleading the public with their lies. What we want is real accountability not the blame game. The real need is to help the survivors rebuild their lives, to help disaster victims get back on their feet, not on to the streets.The head of FEMA, Administrator Paulison said, “While we are proud of the tremendous progress we’ve made, we won’t besatisfied until every disaster victim has successfully navigatedthe road to recovery.” He should be required to make his statement a reality, not a hollow meaningless press release.

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