Saturday, December 8, 2007

Who needs Propane?

FEMA had been providing free propane and food services (three meals per day) for the Groom Road group site,since it opened on Oct. 6, 2005. When we moved into the siteFEMA said they would pay for the electric, water, propane andwith a kitchen at the location they would feed the people. FEMA said we should just concentrate on getting our lives backtogether. We were told that propane services will discontinue onFeb. 1, 2006 at 5:00 p.m.. FEMA went back on their word in lessthen 4 months. We were told that we would get the propane freefor 18 months. FEMA said that they did not say we would getthe propane free for 18 months. Michael Cosbar with FEMA said“they may have been given inaccurate information at the shelter”. Some people did not get the information at the shelter.Some came to the site and it was at Renaissance Village that theFEMA employees told them that FEMA would pay for theelectric, water, propane and with a kitchen at the location they would feed the people This was in the middle of winter, and in a trailer that did not have sufficient insulation to keep the trailers very warm. The propane is needed to heat the trailers, hot water,as well as the gas stove and oven. How to pay for the tanks,which cost more than $20 apiece, has become a major focus forsome residents. You need to keep in mind that this was in lessthen 4 months of coming to the site and a lot of people arestarting over with all they have being lost to the hurricane andthe flooding. I mean no job, no clothes, no car, no home orpossessions of any kind, and at this point some people do not even know where their friends or family are or if they are even alive. Yet FEMA expected them to be able to pay for propane.

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