Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Katrina Cottage Mystery

The Katrina Cottage mystery. When FEMA made the announcement about the Katrina Cottage housing program it was very clear that there was partisan politics or White verses Black involved, and it has no place in a declared disaster and recovery program. It is also against The United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence which is the basics of our government. Louisiana had 64,000 families living in travel trailers and FEMA only gave Louisiana $74 million. Yet Mississippi had 31,000 families living in travel trailers, and Mississippi received $280 million in funding for the Katrina Cottages.
We demand FEMA explain what they based their funding decision on. Of the Katrina Cottages that will be built within Louisiana with that money 75 cottages will be reserved for civilian and uniformed employees of the state military department.
We ask you how is that right? If the government wants to build them for civilian and uniformed employees they should not use the money that was ear marked for the State of Louisiana they should use money from the military department. This is also not allowed under the Staford Act which governs FEMA's actions.

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