Saturday, December 8, 2007

Misled, Abandoned and Neglected By FEMA

There is one program that FEMA has mastered better then anything else they do, FEMA officials say they don't want people at Renaissance Village to get too comfortable. As a reward for the great job that they did in accomplishing that goal they should be required to live here for 2 ½ years. They should have to live in a place that is not a community. A place that once they had moved in, residents isolated themselves. The shades are drawn in every trailer, people don't know their neighbors. Unlike in the communities that they left behind, there is no sense of community here. FEMA counters that there is no point in developing a community setting, because nobody is supposed to live in the park long enough to make it a real community. This is a place where the people suffer from nose bleeds, watery eyes,respiratory problems, and flu-like symptoms, scratchy throats,head aches, breathing difficulties, and the worries about getting cancer, all caused by formaldehyde. The dismal nature of this place and the stress imposed upon our lives with the specter of an uncertain future. Where there should be hope, we find instead, disenchantment and uncertainty that looms over many residents in the trailer park, where there exists a constant uncertainty between the federal government and what the residents see as no future for them.
The sick and the elderly see a place where they are alone. A future where, when or if they die in their trailer no one will know or care. This is a place where residents have expired and it was not discovered until a few days after the fact. A place with so many people and yet you are still alone. The ones who are most affected by this place and least likely to fight are the elderly, sick, handicapped, single mothers, and the children. Most of the people here who would normally have the wherewithal are suffering from depression, anxiety and post t0raumatic stress disorders. These situations have kept hundreds of fellow US citizens in inhuman living conditions for over two years. The name of this place, Renaissance Village should make you think of a new beginning. But what this place is best known for is what we are known as, “FEMA's Dirty Little Secret”. The Survivors have been misled, abandoned and neglected by FEMA for to long. That apparent heartless attitude speaks volumes about the FEMA’s true intentions of not helping those that need the help. It's trying to run a makeshift town that it wants to shutdown after 18 months, and it's lack of providing services to people who it hopes will move away even sooner by not making them feel comfortable or most of all welcome.

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