Saturday, December 8, 2007

Modern Day Concentration Camp!

When you first drive up on the FEMA site you see a chain-link fenced in property with stark crowded trailers and no trespassing signs posted along the perimeter. When you drive upto the entrance you will see security guards at the front gate. Itdoesn’t take much of a closer look to notice that the security guards are armed. FEMA requires all residents to carry Renaissance Village ID badges at all times.
You will have to show your ID’s, tell them who you are going to see and their trailer number and they will write down your licence platenumber on your vehicle when you come in. Mark Misczak, the agency’s human services director for Louisiana said it is“private, like a gated community”. It is unlike any gated community we have ever known of, except a prison. When the site opened FEMA had a ban on firearms. Col.Greg Phares, chief sheriff’s deputy in Baton Rouge, had asked for FEMA to say firearms would not be permitted on site, just as you can’t bring firearms into the federal building, into the Legislature in Baton Rouge, into an LSU football game.
Is that a reason to deny any ones constitutional rights. National RifleAssociation and Second Amendment Foundation sought to change this rule, saying the original policy violated Second Amendment protections for gun ownership. FEMA made the change after consulting with their lawyers. NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre praised the change. “It is wrong to force citizens to give up their constitutional rights in order for them to get a needed federal benefit,” he said in a news release.


interested observer said...

It is offensive to compare this site to a prison. Visitation by non-residents is monitored, and I believe this reduced the number of drug-related incidents in the early days. I suspect it is still so. Press visitations were also limited, but FEMA does grant visitations with prior arrangements. The intent, I believe, was to maintain SOME privacy for the residents and also to keep the residents as safe as possible.

Unlike a prison, residents are free to leave at will. Yes, I realize some do not have the facilities to do so, but they are NOT detained by FEMA or any other government agency.

oscar berven said...

interested obeserver

... there are different locks, rooms and surveillance systems in our society structures but basically any profession or statism position connected to fiat fractional reserve currencies will de facto constitute a type prison community whether we like it or not. It IS a slave system we are meant to not be aware of. ”None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” Goethe

I do hope you find Your key to Your freedom, I certainly eagerly am trying.